Jobs Just for Teens

Unlike most other youth employment programs, YouthForce encourages students to apply for specific jobs that match their skills and interests, rewarding past accomplishments.  We hope these jobs will help students grow, and learn to see the workplace as more than retail or fast food.  We hope they will encourage students to participate and work with adults, become acquainted with adult mentors, and gain  visions of their futures that guide them into adulthood and higher education.  By turning tasks as simple as filing and faxing into opportunities for teens in their career fields, simple jobs become powerful learning opportunities.

Still, it's important to know that most teen employers look for YouthForce's 3-Point Plan:

  • That school is your first and MOST important job. They look at your school work to see strong attendance, a good attitude and active participation, effort, responsibility for your daily work and history of success.
  • That extracurricular activities show you are motivated and able to work with others and succeed without a teacher or classroom
  • That volunteer and service learning activities show you can work for others - not just for yourself

If you haven't done any of these things yet... now is the time to start! If you do it now, in six months you will be the best candidate when you apply for a job!


To find out if you qualify for a YouthForce internship, take a look at the list of requirements below:


1. Age: 16-18 (you must be 16 by the start date)

2. School Achievement:  You perform well in school, demonstrate a solid work ethic, and have a great attitude

3. Schedule:  You’re able to make the schedule and length of the internship.  Our goal is for teens to become reliable team members while still succeeding at school

4. Experience:  You should have basic computer skills, and internal motivation to learn and grow in a professional environment

5. Need:  Preference will be given to those who face the greatest number of barriers between them and college or career success

6. Transportation:  You’re able to travel to and from your work site each day on your own, and arrive on time. We believe bus riding is a valuable core skill