Find Out What We're About!

YouthForce is the youth career development program at Boys and Girls Clubs of King County, located in Seattle, Washington. Dedicated to helping young people become engaged in the workplace and develop into positively contributing members of our community, we provide extensive job development information and opportunities to teenagers, while creating employment solutions for area businesses.

Significant barriers exist between young people under 18 years old and the help they need finding meaningful career information, assistance developing personal and professional goals, and jobs that provide career exploration.  A key building block for successful communities, YouthForce strives to break down those barriers by helping all young adults achieve their goals – through expert counseling, exciting internships, and rewarding jobs.

National studies confirm that teen work experience has a positive impact on high-school graduation rates, college enrollment and long-term earning.  And bolstering the skills of young adults entering the workforce is a logical way to ensure a qualified workforce.

How do we do it?

YouthForce partners with Seattle area businesses to create powerful youth internship opportunities.  As a non-profit employment service, we help businesses hire motivated and talented teens for part-time positions without the burdens of recruiting, screening, insurance, permits or part-time payroll.  As a Boys & Girls Clubs of King County educational service, we support teens’ on-the-job skills, and career and educational development to ensure teens graduate from high school on time, ready for post-secondary education and a 21st-century career.

Our program has a unique impact within the community:  teens gain valuable work experience and cultivate relationships with mentors, which inspires career and educational growth and allows them to earn money for family and college; employers enjoy motivated, enthusiastic teens as office and event staff; managers and mentors enjoy the morale boost of making a difference; schools profit from internships that promote connections between academic and career success.