Melissa Jones

YouthForce Executive Director
Member Since: 

Growing up in Vermont as the middle child of five born to a dairy farmer, and the only member of her family to graduate college, Melissa appreciates the value of education and its ability to open doors to opportunity. Melissa went to Castleton State College in Vermont where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Health. She also served as a residential advisor for two years and as vice president of the campus GLBTQ organization.

Prior to joining YouthForce, Melissa worked as a Youth Program Counselor for Goodwill of Silicon Valley placing teens in internships within Goodwill stores and coordinating afterschool enrichment programs.  In Seattle, Melissa previously worked for Skills, Inc., a nonprofit social enterprise, where she gained a background in Human Resources and recruitment and focused on employee development and partnership building.

Melissa’s philosophy is to always believe in yourself and strive to make a difference in the lives of others through compassion, empathy and knowledge. 

Q & A: 

I grew up in…Vermont on a dairy farm, which was so fun!

I have lived in Seattle for four years and my favorite thing about it is….having quick access to all fun outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating and let’s not forget the great food scene.

My first job was…Babysitting

My favorite part of high school was…when I realized I was going to college

Why did you decide to attend college? Because I wanted to increase my potential of living a life not in poverty and having access to more job opportunities and experiences

When I was in high school, I wish someone would have told me…You don’t have to be who other people want or expect you to be.

My college experience prepared me for my later years by… teaching me patience, time management and how to manage finances and debt.

The most important factors to my career success have been…My college degree, working hard and perseverance!

Something I am really bad at that I’d love to be great at is…Singing

I am ridiculously good at….playing card games

If I never had to work again, I would…Travel, travel, travel