Tricia Bencich

Moss Adams LLP
Human Resources Manager
Member Since: 

Tricia Bencich is human resources professional at Moss Adams LLP with over ten years of experience in the public accounting industry.   As a member of the Forum_W Advisory Board, she drives the firm’s effort, to attract, retain, develop and advance women at Moss Adams.   She also has in depth experience with designing and implementing performance management strategies.  Tricia attended Marquette University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Human Resources and a minor in Communications Studies. 

Q & A: 

My first job was…selling shoes

Why did you decide to attend college …I didn’t even know it wasn’t an option not to go to college.  My parents always spoke about college like it was the normal next step after graduating from high school.  That’s why I love YouthForce.  It educates youth on their options after graduating from high school and exposes them to experiences that they may not normally be exposed to. 

My college experience prepared me for my later years by… helping me be more open to other cultures.  I was fortunate to study abroad in England.  I travelled throughout Europe and made me more appreciate and accept diversity.

The most important factors to my career success have been…having good mentors to help me along the way.

The first three things I would do on my first day at work would be….take the steps to get to know the team I’m working with, take time to observe the company culture and then determine how I can contribute, and  project a positive attitude.

The awards or medals, or even medallions I’m proud of are… my first figure skating trophy from when I was 6 years old and getting my first cord last year in capoiera.

I am ridiculously good at….remembering faces, but have to work on remember names.