Our Programs Make a Difference

YouthForce serves teens whose economic hardships, social networks, or professional role models limit their opportunities and access to college or the career field of their ambition.

YouthForce programs integrate adult coaching and mentoring; skill building workshops and service learning; and hands on work experience in paid internships to develop the assets and competencies that low income and minority teens need to achieve their educational and  career potential.

YouthForce is composed of three core programs:

Career Internship Program: The Career Internship Program consists of mentored placements at local employers. Teens build job skills, explore career paths, and develop a network that they can use to begin their career after college.

TeamWork Internship Program: The TeamWork Internship Program is unique partnership between YouthForce and First and Goal Inc. offering teens meaningful entry-level work experiences during Sounders and Seahawks games. Interns are supported by adult mentorship, positive peer and professional networks, and on the job training.

YouthForce University: YFU is a career readiness program teens participate in alongside of their YouthForce internships. Interns benefit from career development, college preparation, financial literacy, personal development, and community service. YFU offers educational workshops, career development events, and a biannual Teen Employment Conference to equip interns with post high school plans.

In our current education system millions of children will never get a chance to fulfill their promise because of their zip code, their skin color, or the income of their parents.

- Bill Gates

Founder and Chairman of Microsoft speaking to the National Education Summit on High School



Stay tuned for more information about our programs and to learn how you can get involved to support teen employment in King County!